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King of the Bored Frontier


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Politic 1983 review: “… coming post-Britpop, post-Damian Hirst and post-everything, our hero is a cynical third year, tired of art … and tired of just about anything… apart from Adidas, alcohol, sex and eye-liner.”

Laura (amazon review):If you’re looking to read words on a page followed by more words on more pages whilst also not reading the same old cauliflower ear tosh, then Silkwood can sort it out for you.”

Amazon customer: “KS Silkwood is a new, original novelist … If you are interested in Brit-pop and the art world, then this book is for you.”



King of the Jungle



“What KS Silkwood has achieved in the creation of Jonathan, is a warm, funny and deeply compelling narrator, who keeps us glued to every page.

“I haven’t read anything quite like this before. A superb achievement.”

Michael Stewart, author of King Crow, and winner of The Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize 2011

Litro Magazine: “[King of the Jungle by KS Silkwood] … lays into the London arts scene with the kind of vicious contempt usually reserved for investment bankers.”

The Workshy Fop review: “Silkwood’s novel is stylistically reminiscent of Bukowski, or more recently the novels of Tony O’Neill, in its merciless depiction of self-delusion and destructively self-impulsive behaviour.

“It’s refreshing every so often to encounter such a dislikeable, untrustworthy narrator, and Silkwood has certainly created a memorable voice.”

Felix online: “[King of the Jungle] is classically post-modern, attacking the superficiality and attachment to appearance of modern society.

“The rare moments of human compassion and kindness in the book, very powerfully delivered by Silkwood, involve people at the fringe of society; the author manages, through Jonathan’s eyes, to paint a dark world, almost without us noticing.

“… a great effort by a young author.”


Unthology 5 (Unthank Books 2014) – Daddy’s Little Secret


Unthology 5

“‘Daddy’s Little Secret’ … plays skilfully with our expectations as readers…” Sabotage review

“[Daddy’s Little Secret] … is powerful, starting with the breathtaking opener.” The Short Review